Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Tips: Drawings and Assemblies

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To select view, dimension, note or other object: Left click, object will turn red. Once selected can move or can right press to reveal pop-up menu of options.
Create drawing on C size, print to A size sheet.

To insert 3-D view: Insert > Drawing View > General. Click on drawing to place. In Drawing View box: View Type > pick orientation, Scale > pick custom scale. Display in No Hidden format.

To change obscure drawing parameters, with nothing selected, right press > Properties. From the top right menu pick Drawing Options. Scroll down the long list.

To change dimension font size, follow directions above under obscure drawing parameters.

To place text: Insert > Note > No Leader | Enter | Horizontal | Standard | Default > Make Note. Pick point in title block, enter text for note. Hit CR twice to finish. Done/Return to close note window. Select and move note to center. Right press > Properties to edit or to change font size, type, alignment, etc.

To place text in a title frame: Use insert Note.

To change font size/style: Format > Text Style

To move a view: Select view (turns red) > L-press and move. If views won’t move, click the padlock icon at the top

To change dimension to another view: Select (turns red), right press > Move Item to View > select new view.

To insert a dimension: Insert > Dimension > New References. Create dimension. If doing baseline dimensioning: Insert Dimension > Common Reference. Select baseline, then L-click/C-click to create dimensions from baseline. You must add dimensions when the Constraint Manager adds constraints that drive dimensions that don’t show up with Show All. Some designers chose not to use Show/Erase and instead create all dimensions from scratch. This is only recommended in special circumstances.)

To create a reference dimension: Insert > Reference Dimension > New reference. Create dimension.

To show the tolerance for selected dimension: Select dimension > R-press > Properties > Value and tolerance.

To show tolerance for all dimensions: View > Display Settings > Model Display > General tab > check Dimension tolerances > Apply > OK

To change anything about a dimension: Select dimension > R-press > Properties.

To change number of decimals in a dimension: Format > Decimal Places > follow directions in message area.

To change border frame: File > Page Setup. Select from drop-down menu under Format

To print: Print to PDF and view with Adobe Reader before printing. File > Print > OK. In the Print dialog, select Adobe PDF, then OK. View and print from Reader.

If border not coming out or if print is offset: File > Print > Configure . On Model tab, change Scale. Or on Page tab, change Offset. Experiment with the settings, checking results on the PDF file before printing a hard copy.

To insert table for BOM or change records: Table > Insert > Table. Follow instructions in message window. After table is created, double-click in cell to enter text.

To change directions of arrows: Select dimension (turns red). R-press > Flip Arrows

To change drawing scale: Double click on SCALE at bottom left.

To embed a dimension in a note: “This dimension is &D# …” where # is the dimension number.
For multi-sheet dwga: Insert > Sheet.

To place more than one model on a drawing: File > Properties > Drawing Models > Add Model. Use Set Model to switch between the active model for view insertion.
Do not worry about yellow extension lines overlaying object lines; Pro/E will fix at print time.
If you want a different dimensioning scheme, go back to Part mode and redefine the feature.

To compute lengths or surface area: Analysis > Measure > follow directions.
If get license invalid error on startup, try enabling the wireless or internet connection.
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To create raised text: Create a protrusion feature on desired surface. In Sketcher, select Text tool icon. Follow directions in message window. To place text L-click lower left then upper left of first character.

To change view type on 3-D view. Double-click view, View Display > Display Style = No Hidden

To print a drawing: On the top toolbar, click the Send to PDF button (not available on all systems).

To show centerlines: View > Show and Erase > select axes > Show > Show All.


R-click gives assembly options.

To move a partially constrained part: Component Placement > Move > Translate.

To edit a part from assembly view: Right click on part in menu tree > Open. This opens part view for editing.

To change constraints: Right click on part in menu tree > Edit Definition.

To change mate offset parameter: Double click on part or right click on part in menu tree > Edit. Assembly parameter will appear in yellow, double click to edit.
Exploded view: View > Explode > Explode View

To move components in exploded view: View > Explode > Edit Position

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