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It is highly recommended to use a three-button mouse or a scroll-mouse while working with Unigraphics-NX3. The power of mouse buttons and their primary functions are discussed below.

Left Mouse Button

The MB1 or left mouse button is used to select icons, menu headings, and other entities on the graphic screen. Double clicking MB1 on any feature will automatically open the edit Dialog box.

Middle Mouse Button:

The MB2 or middle mouse button or the scroll button is used to rotate the object by pressing, holding and dragging. It can be used for pan and Zoom options with other mouse buttons or key buttons. If it is a scroll button, the object can be zoomed in and out by scrolling. Just clicking the MB2 will execute the OK command if any pop-up window or dialog box is open.

Right Mouse Button:

MB3 or Right Mouse Button is used to access the user interface pop-up menus. You can access the subsequent options that pop up depending on the selection mode. Clicking on MB3 when a feature is selected will give the options related to that feature (Object/Action Menu).

Clicking and holding the button will display a set of icons around the feature. These icons are concerned to the possible commands that can be applied to the feature.

Clicking MB3 on graphics screen will pop up the View menu options.

Mouse Functions

The following is the illustration of the mouse buttons used for rotating, panning and zooming in or out on the graphic screen. Besides using these different combinations of mouse buttons, these commands can also be performed by icons in the Toolbar.


Press and hold the middle mouse button (or scroll button) and drag around the screen to view the model in the direction you want. The model can also be rotated about a single axis. To rotate about the axis horizontal to the screen, place the mouse pointer near the right edge of the graphic screen and rotate. Similarly for the vertical axis and the axis perpendicular to the screen, click at the bottom edge and top edge of the screen respectively and rotate.

If you keep pressing the MB2 at the same position for a couple of seconds, it will fix the point of rotation (a green + symbol appears) and you can drag around the object to view.

Zoom In /Out:

Press and hold both the left mouse button and middle button (or scroll button) simultaneously and drag OR
Press and hold <Ctrl> button on the keyboard and then press and drag the middle mouse button. OR
Scroll up and down if the mouse has a scroll wheel.


Press and hold both the middle button and right mouse button simultaneously and drag OR
Press and hold <Shift> button on the keyboard and press and drag the middle mouse button.

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