How to create and modify linetype in AutoCAD

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AutoCAD linetypes are defined by linetype definition files. These files have the extension .lin. AutoCAD linetypes are composed of a series of dots and dashes separated by spaces, and can contain embedded shape and text objects. The default linetype file is acad.lin. You can print this file to better understand how to construct linetypes.

Linetypes that are composed of only dots, dashes, and spaces are considered simple linetypes. Linetypes that contain embedded shape and text objects along with dots, dashes, and spaces are complex linetypes. Although these two types of linetypes are handled similarly by AutoCAD, their definitions are considerably different.

Two methods are available for creating and modifying linetype definitions.

1. You can edit the LIN file using a text editor or word processor.
2. You can use theLINETYPE command’s Create option. You cannot create or modify complex linetypes at the command line.

A linetype file can contain many linetype definitions. You can add your custom linetypes to the acad.lin file or start building your own linetype library file. Comments can be included in a LIN file. Any text on a line that begins with a semicolon is ignored.

Defining Linetypes   

Each linetype is defined on two lines in a LIN file.

1. The first line defines the linetype name and provides for an optional description.

   *linetype-name [, description]

This line must begin with an asterisk and must be immediately followed by the linetype name. If the description is provided, it must be separated from the name by a comma and no longer than 47 characters. The description is not used by AutoCAD; it is intended to help you visualize the appearance of the linetype.

2. The second line is the code that describes the actual pattern.

   alignment,patdesc-1,patdesc-2, …

This line begins with the alignment code (currently only A is allowed), followed by a comma-delimited list of pattern descriptors (no spaces are allowed).

When you create a linetype, it is not loaded into your drawing automatically. To load new linetype you need to Use the Load option of theLINETYPE command.

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