SolidWorks Hotkeys

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Back View CTRL+2   Rebuild CTRL+B
Bottom View CTRL+6   Redraw CTRL+R
Copy CTRL+C   Right View CTRL+4
Cut CTRL+X   Save CTRL+S
Delete Delete   Select Edges E
Forced Rebuild CTRL+Q   Select Faces X
Front View CTRL+1   Select Vertices V
Help Shift+F1   Toggle Select Filters F5 (Toolbar)
ISO View CTRL+7   Toggle Select Filters F6
Left View CTRL+3   Top View CTRL+5
New File CTRL+N   Undo CTRL+Z
Open File CTRL+O   View Orientation Spacebar
Paste CTRL+V   Zoom In Shift+Z
Previous View CTRL+Shift+Z   Zoom Out Z
Print CTRL+P   Zoom to Fit F
Arc A (SWX 2001)      

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