Transform boring grey parts into lively colorful parts with textures.

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This tutorial can help you to transform a boring grey part into a lively colorful part with textures. We will show you how you can use part painter combined with textures to transform the part on the left in to a more presentable part as shown on the right.

1. After creating the part, we want to set the view configuration up to display textures. We can also choose a background for the part. From the menubar select Format > View.. to open the “Format View” dialogue box. On the “Rendering” tab make sure “textures” is selected. Use the “Background” tab and set the type to image, and select the *****.jpg file as the background. Press the ok button to close the dialogue. The image should now appear in the background.



2. We will now set up the different face styles we will need to render the object. Go to Format > Style. Select “Face Styles”, then press the “New…” button.


3.On the New Face Style dialogue box enter a name for the new texture. Just input any name you want into the name box.

4. On the Texture tab of the same dialogue, use the browse button and select the *****.jpg image. Make sure that the texture is opaque, and you can change rotation angle and scale and other settings here as well. After you finished, press ok to close the dialogue box.


5. Now we are ready to use the part painter tool – color the picture area with face style you just created.

    Repeat step 2 – 5, you can paint the picture frame.



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