Creating a Pipe with a 180 Degree Bend in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Pro/PIPING

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It is sometimes required to create pipe with a 180 degree bend. In this simple tip we will demonstrate how to do this.

Trying to modify an existing bend to 180 degrees often won’t work, so the best method for doing this is to use the Follow Sketch option in Pro/PIPING to sketch the pipe you want, with the desired bends in it.


Once the fittings are assembled into your assembly or at least the coordinate systems you wish to route from and to, select the Pipeline icon.

As you can see we are using the new piping interface for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.

Give the pipeline a name and define the line stock. Next we will choose the Follow Sketch icon.


After selecting a sketching plane (same plane as the fittings in this example), sketch the desired pipe shape including the bends (similar to sketching a trajectory for a sweep).

From the piping icons, select Fabrication and then Pipe Solid. Select the pipe you created shown in the list and pick Make.


You now have a pipe with a 180 degree bend … Actually 3!

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