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Datum Planes are reference features that can be used as a base in building a model. Datum planes assist in creating features on cylinders, cones, spheres, and revolved solid bodies and also aid in creating features at angles other than normal to the faces of the target solid. We will follow some simple steps to practice reference features. Now lets create a Datum Plane that is offset from a face.

Open the model Arborpress_plate.prt

The Datum Plane dialog can also be opened by clicking the icon as shown in the figure below from the Form Feature toolbar.

The Datum Plane window, shown on the right side, allows you to choose the method of selection. However, NX5 is smart enough to judge the method depending on the entity you select, if you keep in inferred option, which is also the default option.

Click on the top surface of the block so that it becomes highlighted

The vector displays the positive offset direction that the datum plane will be created in. If you had selected the bottom face, the vector would have pointed downward, away from the solid.

Insert the Offset Distance value as 15 inches in the dialog box and click APPLY on the Datum Plane Window

The offset Datum Plane will look as below.

NX5 for Engineering Design 5 0 Missouri University of Science and Technology

Click CANCEL once you are done

If you don’t see the complete model and plane, right-click and select FIT

There are several other methods to create Datum Planes, such as creating a Datum Plane through Three Points, Creating a Centered Datum Plane and Creating a Datum Plane on a Curve and so on.

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