UG-NX How To Do Geometry Selection

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Geometry Selection properties are very advanced in NX5. You can filter the selection method, which facilitates easy selection of the geometry in a close cluster. In addition, you can perform any of the feature operation options that NX5 intelligently provides depending on the selected entity.

The Mouse cursor in the Graphics screen will normally be in the shape of a cross hair. Selection of items can be based on the degree of the entity like, selection of Geometric entities, Features and Components. The selection method can be opted by choosing one of the icons in the Selection Toolbar.

Feature Selection:

Clicking on any of the icons in the figure below will let you select the features in the part file. It will not select the basic entities like edges, faces etc. The features selected can also be applied to a part or an entire assembly depending upon the requirement.

Besides that, the filtering of the features can be further narrowed down by selecting one of the desired options in the drop-down menu as shown in the figure below. For example, selecting CURVE from the option will highlight only the curves in the screen. The default is NO

General Object Selection:

Clicking on the icon as shown in the figure below will let you select the general object entities displayed on the screen.

If you want to select any geometric entity, feature, or component, then navigate the mouse cursor closer to the entity until it is highlighted with a magenta color and click the left mouse button.

If you want to select an entity that is hidden behind the displayed geometry, then place the mouse cursor roughly on that area of the screen such that cursor ball occupies a portion of the hidden geometry projected on the screen. After a couple of seconds, the ball cursor turns into a ‘plus’ symbol as shown in the figure.

Click the left mouse button to get a ‘Selection Confirmation’ dialog box as shown in the following figure. This dialog boxes consists of the list of entities captured within the ball of the cursor. The entities are arranged in ascending order of the degree of the entity. For example, edges and vertices are assigned lower numbers while solid faces are given higher numbers. By moving the cursor on the numbers displayed, NX5 will highlight the corresponding entity on the screen magenta. For example, in the figure below, the face on the top is assigned the number ‘5’.
Likewise, the hidden entities will also be allotted with a number in the list. You can browse through the numbers and click on the number that corresponds to the desired object or feature.

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