Feature Recognition in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0

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About Feature Recognition

Feature Recognition is a process that semiautomatically identifies features imported from any Boundary Representation model (IGES, STEP, etc). You can select multiple geometry entities to replace simultaneously. The following feature types are supported:

 ?  Hole
 ?  Extrusion
 ?  Chamfer
 ?  Fillet
 ?  Round
 ?  Slot—A cut on the external contour of a surface.
 ?  Pattern

Working with the Feature Recognition Tool

Select a desired class of feature to search for, then select either a seed surface (to detect multiple features of the type) or a seed edge (to detect a single feature of that type). When the imported geometries are recognized as features, they are analyzed and removed from the model. Remove features are added in the Model Tree and the imported geometric features are replaced by equivalent Pro/ENGINEER features.


 ?  The Feature Recognition user interface is only available when an open and active part contains import features.
 ?  Feature recognition identifies only candidate geometries that are created on solid parts.
 ?  When the Remove Surface function fails, chamfer and fillet features cannot be created. Hole and extrusion features are created on the existing surface without removing the original geometry.
 ?  You can manually remove a surface and recreate it as a new feature without using the Feature Recognition tool. Refer to the Pro/ENGINEER Online Help for details on the Remove tool.
 ?  Feature Recognition validates the model to ensure that the new features do not modify its geometry. If the geometry changes, a warning message appears in the message area.

To Access the Feature Recognition Tool

 1. Set the frt_enabled configuration option as follows in the config.pro configuration file in the Pro/ENGINEER working directory:
frt_enabled yes
You can also start the latest version of Pro/ENGINEER and click Tools ? Options and use the Options dialog box to set frt_enabled
 2. Start the current version of Pro/ENGINEER.
 3. Click File ? Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
 4. Select a part containing import features.
 5. Click Open. The part opens in the Pro/ENGINEER graphics window. The Feature Recognition Tool option is available in the Edit menu.
 6. To add the Feature Recognition Tool options in the toolbar, do the following steps:
 a. Click Tools ? Customize Screen. The Customize dialog box opens.
 b. In the Toolbars tab, select Feature Recognition Tool.

The FRT toolbar appears in the toolchests area.

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