Automatic Surface Creation: Using Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering

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Re-capture the design value in your physical parts. Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering enables you to transform existing physical products into accurate designs from 3D scan data, without losing any of the original design intent or critical geometric data.Utilizing tools such as “wrap” you can affect dramatic geometric changes. Then build tooling and NC sequences referencing the reverse engineering data. And as an integral part of Pro/ENGINEER, with its full associatively; changes made anywhere are automatically made everywhere.

Pro/ENGINEER Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Obtain point cloud management and refinement, facet modeling and refinement, robust curve creation, robust surface modeling and shape recognition tools

Transform existing physical products in to 3D digital models

Make modifications to these designs

Create surfaces connections for curvature (G2) within a Restyle module

Automatically generate curve-path structures as well as surfaces directly on a facet model

1. Importing point cloud data

First we have to import the cloud data. This will involve importing the scanned file into your Pro/ENGINEER part, specifying the coordinate system as a placement reference for the imported data.

2. Converting from points phase to wrap phase

In order for us to generate usable surfaces, we have to convert this point cloud data into Facet Feature.

After you have modified, if necessary, the point set using the Points menu, you can wrap the point set to create a triangulated model, also called a wrap, and edit the wrap to remove unwanted triangles and reveal underlying geometry.

A wrap can consist of both closed and open surfaces that, in turn, consist of triangles, edges, and vertices.

Select Wrap points_phase_wrap from the Points Phase:

3. Converting from wrap phase to facet feature

After you have modified, if necessary, the wrap set, you are ready to convert it to facet geometry.
Select Facet facet from the Wrap Phase commands.
Pick Make Manifoldmake manifold

Select Open to create manifold if the model does not bound volume

Select Closed to create manifold only if model bounds volume

Pickicon_advanced-reference-configuration_complete-feature to complete the facet feature creation

4. Automatic creation of spline surfaces

Automatic creation of spline surfaces involves three phases:

Defining  a loop to determine the region for creating surface

Defining the path structure

Creating or modifying the surface

From the pull-down menu, choose Insert, Restyle

Click Auto Surfaceauto_surftool to activate the dashboard

Select Entire Facetauto_surf_entire_facet on the dashboard to generate surface over the entire faceted model

Select Path Structure auto_surf_patch_structureto enter the path structure creation phase

Click icon_main_run-finite-element. The path structure is generated automatically


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