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Collaborative definition of a product across its different views from requirements, to conception, to production up to operation. Complex product behavior modeling and execution, including 3D simulation.

With CATIA Systems Engineering, system architects, product engineers, designers and technical experts define both technical and business aspects. The RFLP approach (Requirements, Functional, Logical and Physical Design) upholds a full traceability during product development and product introduction. This helps shortening the gap between requirements analysis and the choice of the right solution.

Key benefits include

  • A unique and powerful PLM Collaborative environment to ensure a consistent, traceable and reliable system definition
  • This environment improves communication and information sharing between actors
  • A unified RFLP approach to master complex systems definition.
  • A single source of truth and modular components promote reuse.
  • Formal system modeling to model any system across multi-disciplines through a powerful open Modelica language.
  • Virtual execution engine to perform a global validation, including 3D and dynamic behavior.
  • Testing more alternative design strengthens quality in the final product.

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