NX 8 Is Designed For Design

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Modular Design Simplifies Complex Work

NX 8 introduces a new “part modules” technology that simplifies modeling and editing of complex designs. With part modules, you can subdivide designs into functional elements that support concurrent development by multiple designers; facilitate re-use and replacement of design elements; and make it easy to change and update designs.

HD3D Reporting and Analytics Aid Decision-Making

NX 8 expands High Definition 3D (HD3D) with enhanced interaction, more powerful reporting and enriched visual presentation of PLM information from more sources. The latest release of HD3D Visual Reporting makes it easier for you to create and customize reports and include data from throughout the enterprise. HD3D has also been extended in NX validation and template creation tools, to diagnose problems and identify issues faster.

More Productive Modeling

In this fourth release of NX featuring synchronous technology, the simplicity and ease-of-change of synchronous modeling has been expanded to handle a wider range of geometric modeling problems. NX 8 also provides new capabilities for feature-based modeling, sheet metal, patterning, freeform design, routed systems, visualization and more.

Design Validation

The enhanced design validation tools in NX 8 help designers understand and realize product development targets. Using standard HD3D features like flow lists, visual tags, InfoView, tooltips and see-through display modes, NX validation now provides a visually rich and more flexible feedback environment that helps you to quickly locate, diagnose, and fix problems, ensuring that your designs comply with standards and fulfill requirements.

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